Custom full colour printed disposable coffee cups and lids.

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TMA PAK was established in 2015 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of TMA Australia. We manufacture coffee cups and lids for the international market, supplying directly to wholesalers, distributors and roasters with both generic and printed coffee cups and lids. Our coffee cups come in our standard PE range or our BIO range which is fully compostable and recyclable. Both are made from FSC paper sourced from mills in Europe.

We manufacture both plain and custom full colour printed disposable coffee cups and lids. Our patented and design registered cups provide superior style, comfort and insulation, with a choice of different heat retentions and sizes available to suit your needs and budget.

TMA PAK’s Philippines manufacturing facility, where our coffee cups are made, is HACCP and GMP accredited by the most stringent certifying body in the world, SGS.  Our cups are made of the best Scandinavian Food Grade Paper (and not the layered composite cheap paper out of China.  All cups from our plant in the Philippines are manufactured under the strictest quality conditions.

We currently manufacture both generic and printed cups to suit all needs. Size options include 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 8ozSQ, 12oz, 12ozTALL and 16oz in single wall, double wall and our patented triple wall twist cup in both PE and BIO cups.

TMA PAK’s new range of BIO cups are 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. We use a BIO polymer lining that allows the cup to be completely biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.    

Our lids are 100% manufactured in our Melbourne plant and are the only biodegradable lids manufactured in Australia. We cater for all standard cup sizes and offer both sipper and travel lids in either black or white.

TMA PAK’s state of the art 25,000sq m warehouse is located in Melbourne. Additionally, our other warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, as well as facilities in the Philippines, make TMA PAK a very compelling choice. This is also an advantage for our Australian customers who want printed cups. We can print, warehouse and despatch as needed. We can produce printed runs of cups from 50,000 onwards, catering for all your customers’ needs.

Paper Hot Cups
  • Single Wall Cups Double
  • Wall Cups Double
  • Wall Corrugated Cups
  • Triple Wall Vertical
  • Corrugated Cups
  • Triple Wall Horizontal
  • Corrugated Twist Cup
  • Triple Wall Smooth Surface Cups
  • All cups available in Bio Degradable PLA
  • Travel Lids to suit all Size Hot Cups
  • Sippa Lids to suit all Size Hot Cups
  • Clear Dome lids  with hole for straw
  • Clear Dome lids without hole
  • Opaque flat lids slotted
  • Clear flat Lids slotted

TMA PAK Bio Paper Cups

TMA PAK has produced an FSC sustainable accredited cup that is compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

TMA PAK Bio Cups do not dissolve the way compressed paper does. The technology of the liner means that the cup is waterproof without compromising compostability.

TMA PAK Twist Cups

TMA’s Patented and Design Registered Twist Cup provides superior performance and handling over existing cups on the market.

The Twist Cup design is stylish and timeless, using horizontal corrugations and a third middle wall to create ribs that trap air pockets between them providing:

  • Insulating ribs around the Twist Cup make it safe to handle hot drinks. These ribs form air pockets which protect consumers’ fingers from burning.
  • The predominantly horizontal nature of the ribs provides consumers with a pleasant tactile response resulting in a very comfortable grip and feel.
  • The Twist Cup keeps the beverage inside hotter or colder for longer.
  • No more double cupping or attaching cardboard sleeves.
Environmental Impact
  • The Twist Cup, made predominantly of paper, is completely recyclable.
Print Effect
  • Printing on the Twist Cup is three-dimensionally enhanced by the cup’s corrugation design, making the Twist Cup a fresh space for advertising, promotions and creating brand awareness.

TMA’s in-house graphic design team will provide a personalised service to create a campaign to suit your company’s needs and budget. 

TMA supplies the highest quality cups and lids to help you continue to lead the market.

Single Wall and Double Walls Cups

TMA PAK’s single and double wall cups are in stock and available for delivery. Standard colours are white, black and kraft and can be ordered by the pallet or by the carton to suit your needs. TMA PAK provides the option of delivery to anywhere in Australia.  Alternately, or you can pick up from our various warehouse sites.


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